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The Consignment Marketplace encompasses all the aspects and demands of today's consumer ideals. It was conceived out of all the present day criteria that need to be met to succeed. The economic climate dictates that we spend prudently on the highest quality product for the least amount of money possible. Easy access to a location so centrally and closely related to our home is essential for fast and inexpensive travel. Being consistent with those goals, providing an exciting shopping experience by having diverse multiple shops and a place for a cup of coffee or snack makes the destination that much more satisfying. It's all under one roof in an environment that was created to look like a well designed showroom. Everything can be seen and is clearly marked and cared for until it finds its way into its new home. Clean, neat, uniquely displayed and surrounded by beautiful flowers. Browse the following pages to find examples of our current and past "second hand" items for sale to the public.